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We’re Becky and Lon Jasper and we own and operate Chattaroy Cheese at Jasper’s Crescent Farm. Located in the Little Spokane River valley, at the confluence of Dragoon Creek and the Little Spokane. The 80 acre farmstead enjoys an abundance of ground water and is home to a variety of wildlife and domestic animals.

We feel an obligation to be good stewards of our land and its environment. We use minimal-impact farming as much as possible. We keep the goats, sheep and steers in pastures out of direct contact with the waterways to protect the riparian areas. The animals consume the plentiful summer grasses and are supplemented with grass and alfalfa hay during the winter months.

After years of making cheese in the family kitchen, and taking several cheese making workshops, Becky left her 25 year career in public service and we became a licensed cheese producer in 2010. 

Our creamery is state-of-the art for a family-owned farmstead. Cheese expert Margaret Morris designed the basic floor plan, a remodel of an existing building. It was created with work-flow in mind, moving from the collection of milk through crafting the cheese. 

Andrew’s Mechanical engineered all other aspects of the creamery. We owe a debt of gratitude to owner Larry Andrews, who not only drew upon years of expertise in the heating/plumbing/construction field, but took the time to research “best practice” dairy models.

Our pasteurizer and cheese vat were designed and fabricated by Ken Vierra of Sunnyside Dairy Service.  The result is a kettle that can both cool the milk for storage and heat it for pasteurization. Unlike other commercial models it’s easy on the environment by using less energy.

A large viewing window allows visitors to see our cheese making process from start to finish. Visit the tours section of our site for scheduling and costs.